Shopping (Funny Poetry)

Here’s the poetry about selling

To make the buyers buying

Right, let’s sort the buyers from the spyers

The needy from the greedy


And those who trust me,

From the ones who don’t,

If you don’t see value here today

You’ll never be able to come back someday


Come on, come on let’s shopping

You don’t come here for shoplifting


Look at these jewelries, never see daylight

Because it straight, fanny by the gaslight


Take a bag, come on, take a bag

Don’t only bring home a gag

These jewelries are hand-made in Italy

Also hand-stolen in Stepney

Come on treat the wife

Treat somebody else’s wife

Cause you’ll never know who’s watching


Funny Poetry by: Selim Abdillah, student of STBA YAPARI-ABA Bandung


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